Paver Patio Construction Lake Minnetonka, MN

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Brick And Stone Patios Lake Minnetonka, MN

We build brick and stone patios and walkways.

Brick and stone can be a stunning, natural, low-maintenance way to enhance your landscape and improve your curb appeal.  Maybe you’d like a new outdoor cooking area or a backyard firepit so you can host those summer BBQ’s?  Maybe you’d like a beautiful new brick walkway or a paver driveway?  Brick or stone pavers when installed properly look amazing and they are low-maintenance and easy to keep looking great.

What Type Of Brick Or Paver Project Did You Have In Mind?

  • Do you want to rebuild an existing paver patio that has sunk or has been damaged?
  • Are you looking to create a beautiful new outdoor living space?
  • Do you like the look of natural stone and want to incorporate it into your landscape?
  • Do you want to install a brick or paver driveway?
  • Do you want to create some walkways or pathways?

Rare Landscapes Inc is a landscaping contractor based out of Lake Minnetonka, MN and serving the surrounding areas including Wayzata, Orono, Minnetonka Beach, Deephaven, Greenwood, Shorewood, Excelsior, Tonka Bay, Woodland, Spring Park, Minnetrista, and Medina.  We specialize in the design and installation of interlocking brick or paver patios, outdoor cooking areas, walkways, pathways, and driveways. From a new brick paver driveway to a beautiful brick walkway to your front porch we can help you with your hardscaping needs.

Paver & Interlocking Brick Installation and Construction

  • Paver patio installations
  • Outdoor cooking area construction
  • Interlocking brick or paver driveways
  • Interlocking brick or paver pathways and walkways
  • Flagstone patios and walkways

Preparing The Area For Your New Brick Or Paver Installation

Preparation is a huge (the most important) part in building a great looking, long lasting brick or paver feature into your landscape.  This includes excavating the area you’d like the brickwork installed so we can then bring in the proper base material and properly grade the area.  Once we’ve laid the base down it can be compacted to minimize any material settling that will occur.  When material settles your paving stones can sink and move around, which can make your investment look horrible.  Spending the extra time on the site preparation will prevent the new pavers from shifting and ensure you have a great looking hardscaped area for years to come.

How Our Paver Landscaping Process Works

  • We start with our initial consultation.
  • We can provide a 3D design of your new paver project.
  • We determine the surface area of your project. (to determine material requirements)
  • We take into account any specific challenges your property might pose for our team.
  • We consult with you on the specific brick or stone materials you’d like.
  • We’ll provide you with an accurate written estimate for the work.

The amount of work required for this type of landscaping project can vary greatly from property to property dependent on many factors. The slope of your property, existing site and soil conditions, drainage, size and scope of the project, the particular materials being used, and your budget will all be considered. We’ll be able to offer you an accurate estimate only after an initial site visit and material consultation.

What Does It Cost To Build A Paver Patio?
12 x 12 Paver Patio

$5,000 - $8,000

This would be for a basic, small patio roughly 12' x 12'.  This would include labor and materials.

20 x 20 Paver Patio

$9,000 - $20,000

This is for a medium sized patio 16' x 16' or slightly larger and would include labor and materials.

30 x 30 Paver Patio

$20,000 - $50,000+

This is for a large "high-end" backyard patio suitable for an outdoor living area and would include labor and high end materials.

These price ranges do not including steps or retaining walls if they are needed for your project.  All patios have a 5 inch compacted open graded base.  This pricing is for a basic installation.  If you want "extras" such as built in firepits, kitchens, electrical, lighting, and seating walls, they can be added for additional cost.

These prices are ball park figures just to give you a rough idea as to what you should expect for costs.  Your particular project may vary depending on site accessibility, the specific materials chosen, and the overall scope of work.  If you need a firm price please request a consultation so we can view your potential project, listen to your ideas, and determine the actual scope of work required to complete your project.  After our on-site consultation we'll be able to provide you with a firm estimate to complete your patio construction project.

Why Choose Rare Landscapes Inc To Install Your New Patio?

When you choose Rare Landscapes Inc for your interlocking brick installation you are partnering with a small, locally owned, landscaping business.  We are large enough to install interlocking brick and stone for outdoor hardscapes of all sizes but we’re still small enough to give your new brickwork the specific care and attention it needs to be a durable and long-lasting improvement to your property.

We believe in great value along with excellent customer service to ensure complete customer satisfaction with every project we take on! We will conduct ourselves like true professionals on your property at all times, leaving no trace behind but your new patio, walkway, driveway, or other hardscaped elements!

If you want to schedule an estimate for your brick or paver construction project then please give us a call 952-258-3553 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you right away.